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It’s 2011, how can the Web save small business?

BAILEYpc is asking businesses large and small, “how can we survive the big competitors and big Government”?

Our focus will continue to be on small business, mainly start ups, and those companies that have been stuck in “start up” mode for months or years. A Blog is easy and cheep, free in most cases, and a great tool for marketing. Make one, link to it from your main site or even use it as a primary site, and beat governments attempts to regulate online business. A Blog, when kept current with rich content, can drive traffic to your product or service without expensive online ad campaigns.

As a refresher, the Web has changed a lot since its inception, since BAILEYpc started, but the old techniques still work and this is key to your online success. In fact the old techniques in most cases are still free monetarily BUT not in time. It is still time consuming to market your site especially if you choose to do it at minimal or no cost. Please refer back to our original post on this Blog; we are still focused on small business and start ups and this Blog will weigh heavily on that angle.

BAILEYpc will also talk about new technology as well, delve into a little information for the larger fish but our goal will always be small fish oriented… that is our model.

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- Over 20 years of Systems Engineering - Bachelors of Science Information Technology (Summa Cum Lade') - Over 17 years of small business Internet Consulting; Design, Marketing, Development, & Infrustructure

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