Q?What is Hosting?

Web hosting makes your website (www.whatever.com) viewable to the world. Think of hosting in terms of a phone number. You have a phone number because you purchased it from a provider (AT&T). That number now makes it possible for others to call you – without it, you’re isolated.

When you buy hosting, you’re basically buying space on a server to park your number. This server which stores your number (AKA: domain name) is like the space on your computer’s hard drive – except now your files (web pages) can be opened from anywhere by anyone.

BAILEYpc hosting includes the following:

  1. Over 50+ Free Software programs with simple install;
  • WordPress
  • Shopping carts
  • Search engines
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Project Management
  • ERP’s
  1. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  2. UNLIMITED POP/IMAP Email Accounts
  3. UNLIMITED MySQL databases
  4. UNLIMITED Sub Domains
  6. UNLIMITED Domain Name Parking
  7. Complete Web Statistics
  8. FREE Backup
Q?What is Cloud Hosting?

Everyone is talking about “the cloud.” But what does it mean?

Business applications including websites are moving to the cloud. It’s not just a fad—the shift from traditional software and hosting models to the Internet has steadily gained momentum over the last 10 years. Looking ahead, the next decade of cloud computing promises new ways to collaborate everywhere, through all mobile devices and cloud hosting increases the security while lowering costs via virtual private space.

Think of it as the old shared hosting space, many sites hosted on one server but your virtual private space is the equivalent to having your own dedicated server—without the cost!

Q?Is Cloud Computing a better way?

With cloud hosting and computing, you eliminate the headaches of managing your own hardware—that’s the responsibility of an experienced vendor like BAILEYpc, Inc. The shared infrastructure means it works like a utility: You only pay for what you need, upgrades are automatic, and scaling up or down is easy.

Cloud-based hosting and apps can be up and running in days or weeks, and they cost less.

Businesses are running all kinds of apps in the cloud via their website, like customer relationship management (CRM), HR, accounting, and much more. Some of the world’s largest companies moved their applications to the cloud after rigorously testing the security and reliability of our infrastructure.

As cloud computing grows in popularity, thousands of companies are simply re-branding their non-cloud products and services as “cloud computing.” Always dig deeper when evaluating cloud offerings and keep in mind that if you have to buy and manage hardware and software, what you’re looking at isn’t really cloud computing but a false cloud.