We’re in the business of turning the complex into a simple solution.

Since BAILEYpc began in 1998, our mission has been to help small business bridge their complex needs with simple solutions.

We are industry-leading because we have not just watched the trends, we create trends. In the early days of the Web, off-site backup was out of reach for 90% of small business. Disaster recovery for most was just a disaster. With some old-school, Out of the box thinking, creativity – we created a solution to level the playing field.

Today, cloud computing is prolific and doing what made us a platform success. So, we adopt and adapt thus we created CLOUD VIRTUE. A VAR services provider making enterprise solutions fit the small business. Cloud services and computing is the standard and we are exceeding those standards by bending the standard to your needs.

Reaching for the CLOUD with BAILEYpc as your platform and CLOUD VIRTUE as your service.cloudvirtue_logo_v3_bpc

CLOUD VIRTUE read the tea leaves and realized small business needs entrance into cloud solutions but also needs access to enterprise level security.


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