From Cloud to Fog!

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Overwhelmed with all the devices today? It is becoming insane with tablets, smart-phones, netbooks, and laptops… our lives are suppose to be simpler with modern convenience. The truth is we have created a second job, a third for some in this economy, and this job is just to keep all the device working. Oh sure, […]

Plan on Planning!

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The most important lesson for 2011 is planning… After six month’s and six new client’s there is one lesson which must be learned for all businesses, you better plan and do not focus it on making money. It doesn’t matter if you’re an internet service company like BAILEYpc or if your a company expanding your […]

Home Based Business

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In the business world the Home Based Business tends to be dismissed and not taken seriously. Only large corporate companies with large glass buildings and massive overhead attract more attention but this could not be a more twisted perception. Another lame mindset comes from the personal perspective “its too difficult” which is another way of […]